Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making deadwood

Allthough spring styling season isover, the time to shape deadwood in now right. Interesting that summer is the best time to do that.

First I did some work on a scots pine - pinus sylvestris. I had to make nice deadwood from two stumps left from two branches and from a very ugly bump in the mittle of the trunk.

The bump after working on it.

A new jin made.

As the second one in a row a took a larch - larix decidua. On that one I made quite a big jin.
Incredible. The wood is still wet after more then one year.
Part II: Working with fire to burn all the remains and give the wood a more naturall look.
Befor and after.
And for last I finished the jins and shari on the yew I had on the workshop with Enrico Savini.

After working with a fire torch you have to brush the wood with a metal brush to clean up and add some stripes.

For the finish everithing has to be painted with lime sulphour to give it the white look.

All (or most) of this yet isn't finished. I will give it a final touch in a few months when the wood is totally dry and the details will be easier to make.


Nik Rozman said...

Are you happy Justin?


Nitsuj said...

Yes i am thank you so much....i was going to comment thanking you for the post when i saw your message...well thanks GOOD pics with good quality i am sure it will be very helpfull for me :)