Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last club workshop of the year

Today was the day forour last club workshop of 2010. And so quite a lot of us members gathered in Radeče, where Bojan and his friends took care for a good spot and atmosphere.
I had no tree with me this time so I spent the day as an instructor and comentator.


The temperatures get lower by the day. In the morning we already have white-frost and soon there will be snow.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Glorious fall collors

It realy is a joy to watch such wanderfull colors on your bonsai.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top 30

As suggested by Pius Notter and because we were so close (40 min),as the last destination we went to Mulhouse, France. There you could see the ''top'' 30 bonsai in Europe. I put it in quote because I think it is just impossible to select the top trees, because everyone does not like the same bonsai. Ofcorse I must admit the bonsai exhibited there were outstanding.
To the surprise of all of us, there we didn't come to a quality and super organized bonsai exhibition, but to ''just'' an enormous gardening fair.

The trees were shown in a special way. There were no stands, accents or scrolls. they were illuminated from various sides and alternatly. That was great for visitors, but a nightmare for photographers.
Just an example in how manny ways the trees were illuminated. (in between they were also in complete darknes)

Bonsaiautumn 6

The next location and the main reason for our trip was the famous Bonsaioutumn exhibition. This has become one of the main and more important bonsai events in central Europe, to which all famous names in the bonsai world are driven too.
As a result of that you could see Enrico Savini, Mauro Stamberger, Kevin Wilson, Carlos van der Vaart, Vaclav Novak and menny others on the same stage, performing demos.

Would you guess that this juniper (below) is in fact a TANUKI (no joke...)? W. Pall as well as Peter Adams could not figure it out. E. Savini has told us this secret.

Only famous artists on one pile.

Peter Adams (a special guest of the show) and W. Pall while doing the tree critic.

An exhibition like this is a great oppurtunity for seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
And so I saw my friend Tony Tickle with whom I had a plesent conversation about all sorts of things.

Pius Notter

Once I have a fantastic weekend in the bonsai world behind me. The main destination was Schwitzerland and the now allready famous Bonsaiautumn exhibition in Trimbach.
If we are allready in Schwitzerland why not by the way visit the bonsai star of this country: Pius Notter.
We were lucky - Mr. Notter just returned from Japan the other day.

Pius Notter is a very plesent guy who can easily start a long and interesting conversation. Sadly we had to interrupt it because we had to continue our jurney.

And thank you again Mr. Notter for having us there.