Tuesday, September 30, 2014


On Sunday there was a bonsai exhibition ''Antica Contea di Gorizia'' in Goriza, Italy. After long 7 years I finally found some time again to go check it out.
The exhibition takes place in an old town hall with fascinating old interior. Unfortunately there are no backgrounds behind the bonsai as they are being exhibited, so therefore they cannot shine in their full beuty.
There were more than 15 bonsai clubs exhibiting trees, one tree by club. If I saw correctly our club was the only one to have two trees.

Luckily enough the organizators set up a tokonoma and let us place our bonsai in it to get better photos of them. Here is the tree that I was exhibiting. My Cornus mas, the one that wan best bonsai of the exhibition in Ljubljana this past May.

The second Slovenian tree was a chinese juniper by Tomaž Kovšca, which was awarded best tree by visitors choice.

Beside the exhibition there was also a workshop.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Winter Fraxinus

My Fraxinus ornus is already in it's winter image. Next spring it will be repotted to this position and I also need to find a better pot.