Monday, August 29, 2011

Bonsaiautumn 7 - My entry

Now I can proudly anounce that I was also an exhibitor at the Bonsaiautumn 7. My entry was a thuja smaragd. This tree came a long way in a short time. The last photo was taken less then five years ago. Yes, it's the same tree.

Bonsaiautumn 7 - Exhibition

Bonsaiautumn 7

Another Bonsaiautumn exhibition is behind us, this time it was the seventh. And for some reason this was the last one. Too bad, but Andy and his team did a very good job at all of them so I'm sure they've desurved some rest.
The exhibit included not more than 40 trees. But all were masterpieces. There were also some top demonstrators: Enrico Savini, Mauro Stamberger, Carlos van der Vaart, Marc Noelanders, Rene de Boni and Budi Sulityo.
Great weekend with great bonsai friends from allover Europe. Too bad it's over.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thuja forrest

Today I decided to work on my forrest formed of thuja smaragd. The canopy of the trees outgrew the form so it needed to get cut back.



Thinning out #2

This is another spruce from the mountains where it got eaten by cows and sheep for all the time. That is why it got so dens and stayed this small. But the only problem is that the foilage is only outside. Inside the tree is dead - no green. That is why it is necessary to cut some branches and let the light inside to promote backbudding.

Before thinning out.

After. The tree looks promissing.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Also this yew made more fruits then the previous years.

Anyway, I'll need to take off the wire and rewire again.


This was taken today. This firethorn newer had this much fruits on befor.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Deadwood on my cornus mas

I finally found some time to work on the deadwood of my cornus mas.
Much better now.

Before work.

After work.