Monday, May 27, 2013

Still working

Another day at Jože, this time with my trees. I brought a mugo pine which was had been in the pot for more then 3 years and was ready for its first styling.

Below you can see the tree with less and less branches, since the aim was a small literati crown.

The final position.

And the finished work. Maby the crown is still too wide, we'll see in the future... For the pot I was thinking a round, ball-like shape. Maby.

We also brought mine yew one step further.

And here is a better photo of our last project.

Wild cherry

I have had this Prunus for a few years now. Now was a good time for the first defoliation of the year. I am planning to do it one more thime this year.
Below you can see the quick development of the tree.

This is how it looked like more then a month ago when it was flowering.

Till now I lefti it grow freely and now performed the first defoliation and styling of new branches. Quicklly getting to final form.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Early-summer work

I had to do some maintainance work on my bonsai like shortening new shoots.
Below is only one of menny. Half the tree is done.

In the up-comming days I plan some new proyects so stay tuned!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

And now about today

Today we had a club workshop/picknick. There's not much new to say, good company, good organization.
And Bonsai.

We also had a smaller exhibition.

After the picknick we went to Roland's garden. There has been a big approovement since my last visit.

First, last weekend

Last weekend I got together with Joze again. This time we worked on one of he's bigger mugo pines. He had it for three years and it was well enough established to be worked on. At steady pace we worked on it for the better part of the day.There was no leck of music, food and discussion.

Starting material.

After work on jin and shari.

Final work.

Another photo with better light and a worse background. A good bonsai with a bright future. ;)