Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Repotting at full speed

The repotting season is in full flow. Quite a few bonsai got new and final pots.

Chamaecyparis in 2014 just after a trade with a friend.

Today. Pot by Erin pottery.

Itoigawa juniper in 2009.


Cotinus cogyggria in 2012 after a trade with a friend.

Today. There is still quite some excess soil in the back, but I did not want to remove more soil/roots then I have. That I will do with the next repotting. The upper right branch will most probably go and I will develop a second top out of the bottom right one.

Prunus mahaleb one year after collecting - 2011.

Today. The top needs some more work and one more overall wiring next year. Pot by Klika.

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