Sunday, March 1, 2015

Miyabi Bonsai Ten

This exhibition was a nice excuse to go to a bit warmer climate. It was nice to enjoy 16°+ temperatures again for a change.
But still the main reason for my trip to Italy was the second Miyabi Bonsai Ten exhibition. Still a bit under the impressions of the Noelanders Trophy a couple weeks ago I had to get used to the smaller scale of exhibitions again. But the quality was nevertheless pretty high, with fine bonsai exhibitted, good demonstrators and a nice selection of traders.

The main demonstrators were Masashi Hirao from Japan, Milan Karpišek from Czech Republic, Kurt Jaritz from Austria and Nicola Crivelli from the italian part of Switzerland. (Maybe I should mention that I too was invited to participate, but fore some reasons had to decline.)

Overall I had a pleasant few hours at the exhibition and will happily return next year, hopefuly for the full weekend.

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