Monday, March 23, 2015

Half cascade in final pot

In my experience Larix trees are very delicate about repotting. The one repotting with the most risk is the one right after the first one after you collect it. Once I even had a larch which was practicly finished and when it was repotted, it died. And I have not removed a single root... So the best time is to do it when they start to but.

Now it was finally time to repot this half cascade larch of mine. I placed it into a pre-ordered pot by Erik Križovensky.

The tree last summer, still in the previous pot in which it was growing for 4 years.

Aplying Keto-tsuchi to the rather steep soil level.

Resumed with moss.

The finished product.

And here is the tree when I found it in nature in 2007.

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