Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Man it's far... Almost 1200 kilometers. A good thing there was good company and OK music, so time past quickly.
Tomaz and I spend the weekend in Poland, where we attended their exhibition.

This is how the Polish make their bonsai.

The exhibition was pretty good too, with nice bonsai. Four of them were Slowene.

The attention of media was present too.

up: Piotr Czernichowski looking at my chineese juniper - he liked it =D
below: The best bonsai by my opinion was Piotr's larch.

We devoted some time to take a look at Marek Gajda's bonsai nursery - sadly we had not enough time for a thorough review.

Tomaz's sunday demo with me assisting.

These Polish (and Czech and Dutch) are realy great for companny. You can talk with them abouth bonsai for an iternitty and you could still talk. It just doesn't get boring
Warsaw, maby I shall see you again someday.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crespi Cup 2010

Two years have yet again past and it was time for the Crespi cup in Milan again. The bonsai center of the Crespi family hosts very beutifull bonsai every two years.

The exhibition was, as allways awsome. You get to see bonsai which you know from previous exhibitions elswhere in Europe, bonsai you could before only admire in bonsai magazines and totally unknown bonsai that are anyway masterpieces.

The exhibited shohin trees were, in comparison to the past years, on an at least three levels higher level.

Masterpiece from magazins. When it stends in front of you, you see it really is a monster.

Sadly we had extreamly bed weather. It was pouring cats and dogs.

See you in two years.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oleander update

The new leves grew back quite nicely. Next spring they will go in better pots.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Urban yew

Todays day was reserved for the styling of a yew. This yew is one of those which I dug up on a gas station and is therefor an urban yamadori. I have it for almost two years, since spring 2009. It grew lots of new foilage this spring and so I decided to style it this year.

This is how I got it in spring 2009.

The shari just above the nebari is just amazing. It is difficult to find something like this even on yamadori from the mountains. It gives an aditional feel of age.

This spring I turned all unnecessary branches into jins.

So, today my first task was to pluck all old needles for easier wiring.

After that I started working on the deadwood.

And at the very end the wiring and styling needed to be done. In spring I will pot it into its first bonsai pot.

I ended a plesent bonsai day with coffie and a nice conversation at the place of the president of our club, Tomaz Kovsca.

Shimpaku going Czech

This weekend I brought a new pot for my shohin juniper from Czech Republic. The same day as we returned home, I transplanted it into the new pot.
Because it is not the best thing to repot at this time of the year, I did not touch the roots at all.

The juniper in its old pot.

The new Czech pot.

The juniper in its new home.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The Czech bonsai association organazed the yearly national exhibition. This year it was held in the capital city of Prague. It is always a pleasure to look at Czech bonsai in their, also Czech, pots. The exhibition was in a very old monastery and on a quite high level.

The main demonstrators were Robert Kempinski from ZDA And a Japanese Toru Suzuki.

There was also some time for sightseing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update on the thuja with one 'branch'

There. The thuja is now wired for the second time and ready to be exhibited.