Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Man it's far... Almost 1200 kilometers. A good thing there was good company and OK music, so time past quickly.
Tomaz and I spend the weekend in Poland, where we attended their exhibition.

This is how the Polish make their bonsai.

The exhibition was pretty good too, with nice bonsai. Four of them were Slowene.

The attention of media was present too.

up: Piotr Czernichowski looking at my chineese juniper - he liked it =D
below: The best bonsai by my opinion was Piotr's larch.

We devoted some time to take a look at Marek Gajda's bonsai nursery - sadly we had not enough time for a thorough review.

Tomaz's sunday demo with me assisting.

These Polish (and Czech and Dutch) are realy great for companny. You can talk with them abouth bonsai for an iternitty and you could still talk. It just doesn't get boring
Warsaw, maby I shall see you again someday.

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