Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yamadori mugo

Today I would like to tell you the story of one of my first better yamadori that I dug up. I found it in 2008 high in the local mountains.

After the tree had reasted for one year, I decided to cut all of the old needles. I have done thet, so that all new shoots had enough light.

And now these days I saw that the tree was helthy enough to give it its first major styling . My first task was to create some belivable deadwood.

And after that the styling of the crown. Applying raffia, Rubber tape, wire...
This is how the pine looks like now. In spring the bonsai goes into a propper pot and there we are.
For now the crown looks too much like a triangle so in the future I hope it will become more like a dome.


Nik Rozman said...

Don't worry Ed I have lots more mugo pines to trade.

Nik ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nik,can you send me some pictures from the other mugo's you want to trade with me.
Yesterday I take Hans van Meer my bonsai friend and mentor to the place with the very old and with hollow trunks and old deadwood little willows,and he couldn't believe his eyes.
And he told me that these tree's are very good bonsai-material indeed.
Greetings Ed

Nik Rozman said...

Sure Ed, Just send me your e-mail to