Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trip to the Czech Republic - Day 3 & 4

For the weekend we were hanging out mostly at the exibition, which was part of a big gardening fair, so there was a lot to see. Overall there were I think over at least 80 bonsai exhibited, a few sellers sold their products, and plenty of visitors.

I exhibited three bonsai there. My big juniper.

 My dogwood.

And my little shohin juniper for which I recieved an award by the Czech bonsai association.

Some of the other trees.

Like at any other exhibition there were plenty of demonstrations. Seok Ju Kim (Korea), Milan Karpišek (CZ), Pavel Slovak (CZ) and Šarka Jasenska (CZ) are only a few of the demonstrators who worked there.

And happy after a few great days on our way home we saw the most beutifull sunset ever.

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