Monday, October 20, 2014

The two-headed spruce

I found this spruce in late summer 2011. The very moment I saw it I knew it will be a two trunk, that it will be needed a LOT of work before it will be finished and that it will make a very fine bonsai in the end.
This spruce was growing on a pasture in the mountains where every year animals eat the new foilage, making these spruces very dense. The one problem with this is that all the green is at the end of the branches since no sun light can reach inside the crown.


So before I could style it I had to cut all the dead an unwanted branches and let some sun light reach the insides to make the spruce backbud.

Early 2014 - after removing unwanted branches and making jins out of them.

Spring 2014 - repotted into a smaller pot (still big though). Note all the strong new growth.

Now - after rough first styling. I only bothered to wire and position the main branches. The fine styling will take place maby next autumn or even later.

2011 - Very dense - not as soft as you might think :)

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