Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The big literati spruce

Finally I got to work on my high literati spruce again. But let me freshen it's history a bit.

I found it and dug it up in 2008. Surprisinglly it had no big roots, so it took me onlly 10 minutes to get it out of the ground.

 Because it grew very good for one year I decided to repot it the next year. Because of good roots I could plant it in a fairly small pot. Plus I had cut one of the apexes.

After the first styling in 2010. I used the steel rod to bring the apex more foreward. At the start it was leanning a bit to the back.

This summer I removed the wire after two years and this is how fluffy the crown looked after I removed it.

And this is how the crown looks now after the second wiring - I probably removed about half of the green.

Here you can se how big this spruce is.


Roddy von Seldeneck said...

That is really impressive work for such a short time frame. Any idea what species of spruce it is? And what was the area like that you found it? Sorry for all the questions.

Nik Rozman said...

The species is Picea abies. I found it on a scree. And it had only fine roots, so I got it out in five minutes.