Tuesday, July 31, 2012


These days I was doing some minor work on a smaller cascading mugo pine of mine.

First I removed all the down-facing needles.

After closer inspection I decided to cut one branch. The crown was too big for the delicat trunk.

The image for now. Now I have to find the right pot and hopefully the tree will be ready for exhibition next year.

And for the end a photo of the same pine from 2009.


Xavier de Lapeyre said...

How thick is the trunk?

Nik Rozman said...

About 3,5cm. Not much, but the tree is nice and elegant.


Clik said...

Olá Nik!
Seu trabalho com Bonsai é
Fantástico, Parabéns! este Pinheiro em Cascata está ficando ótimo!

Saúdações do Brasil!

Hello Nik! His work with Bonsai is Fantastic, congratulations! This Pine Cascade is getting great! Greetings from Brazil! Adriano.