Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top 30

As suggested by Pius Notter and because we were so close (40 min),as the last destination we went to Mulhouse, France. There you could see the ''top'' 30 bonsai in Europe. I put it in quote because I think it is just impossible to select the top trees, because everyone does not like the same bonsai. Ofcorse I must admit the bonsai exhibited there were outstanding.
To the surprise of all of us, there we didn't come to a quality and super organized bonsai exhibition, but to ''just'' an enormous gardening fair.

The trees were shown in a special way. There were no stands, accents or scrolls. they were illuminated from various sides and alternatly. That was great for visitors, but a nightmare for photographers.
Just an example in how manny ways the trees were illuminated. (in between they were also in complete darknes)

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