Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bonsaiautumn 6

The next location and the main reason for our trip was the famous Bonsaioutumn exhibition. This has become one of the main and more important bonsai events in central Europe, to which all famous names in the bonsai world are driven too.
As a result of that you could see Enrico Savini, Mauro Stamberger, Kevin Wilson, Carlos van der Vaart, Vaclav Novak and menny others on the same stage, performing demos.

Would you guess that this juniper (below) is in fact a TANUKI (no joke...)? W. Pall as well as Peter Adams could not figure it out. E. Savini has told us this secret.

Only famous artists on one pile.

Peter Adams (a special guest of the show) and W. Pall while doing the tree critic.

An exhibition like this is a great oppurtunity for seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
And so I saw my friend Tony Tickle with whom I had a plesent conversation about all sorts of things.

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Anonymous said...

Great to meet up with you too