Thursday, May 12, 2016


My Hawthorn is finally flowering for the first time after collecting it in 2011.

Moj glog končno prvič cveti po izkopu leta 2011.

And the maple finally starting to look deacent.

In javor končno izgleda spodobno.


Anonymous said...

"Deacent"? It looks like it's in a seriously undersized pot. And that trunk scar is somewhat less than decent.

Nik Rozman said...

Yes, deacent. The pot may be a bit undersized now when the tree has leaves on, but in winter time the pot looks perfect. Why do you think the scar doesn't look deacent? The tree is as it is, I think most of your arguments are a matter of taste :)

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Lesson no. 1:
Lesson no. 2: 1m tall tree in a 25cm (incl. the lip) wide pot is not even close to ideal proportions. Winter or spring.
Lesson no. 3: seriously, that scar is not something one would desire on a palmate maple. If anything, it reminds me of something indecent. ;-)

Nik Rozman said...

Ok, if we are doing it like this now, might aswell do the same :)
Matter no. 1: English is not my native language, so I think I can be forgiven for a mistake here and there.

Matter no. 2: Do you know the basic 'rule' in bonsai where the size of the pot should be 1/3 of the hight of the tree? Well practically no one does those things word by word. Those rules are more like guidelines. Basically you plant a bonsai into a pot that fits it most. In this case I think this pot suits this maple the most (I can't say what the future will bring, but for now this pot stays).

Matter no. 3: You are right! In Japan scars are not desired on maple bonsai. They will try to heal every scar on the trunk. In this case we are not in Japan, nor do I have to style my trees in strict japanese style/way. On my maple a bigger part of the trunk died a few years ago. If I would want it to heal over it would take a very long time. Therefore I decided to make something interesting out of it. Would I rather have a trunk with no scars? Yes. But sadly it happened and I'm not upset about it.

Matter no. 4: The maple is available, so you are most welcome to acquire it and do with it whatever in your opinion is 'right' :)

Matter no. 5: I guess you are the same person as the one who writes these 'provocative' comments in my other posts. And seeing you never dare to leave your name at the bottom, I guess your intention is to provocate. Instead of a productive discussion you want to have a childish one, correcting my grammar and all. Too bad.

Best regards,
Nik Rozman