Monday, April 13, 2015

XIX UBI, Marostica, Italy

On Sunday we took a good 3 hour drive to Italy, to the plesant town Marostica. We attended this years' UBI exhibition which took place behind the great defense wall of the old town. In the main entrance building at the wall the exhibition was held. And the plaza in front of it was reserved for the menny trader stands.

Here are some glimpses from the exhibition.

I must admit I was outraged when I saw the composition on the photo below. A tree planted in a TIRE !!! It is true that these days menny people are trying out some new aproaches and I must admit sometimes I try some too. But this is just too much. To plant such a perfect tree in rubber is simply a step too far. In my opinion quite a few steps I might say. And then there is the question how on earth could the organizers accept such a tree for this exhibition?! This is something I won't forget for a long time - in a bad way.

But stupid things aside... Overall it was a great bonsai event and I was very happy to come see the UBI exhibition once again after 5 years. Next time hopefully I will also bring some trees of my own.


Emmanuel said...

Good evening
Thank you for your great site, really.
Actually, i am not shocked by the tire shape, colour and ''engravement'' motives. In fact, i found them really adequate !
But, i totally agree that, only the idea of the smell revulses me....
Is there a potter who was inspired ?
Kind regards, emmanuel

Nik Rozman said...

Hi Emmanuel,

That was not a pot shaped into a tire, it was an actual rubber tire.