Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spruce - First styling

I found this spruce in summer 2010 on a big pasture ground in the mountains. Every year farmers bring horses and sheep to that spot over the summer and usually those animals are the reason these spruce grow so dense. You actually need to inspect every single tree from close by and look under the foilage to see the trunk, otherwise they all look the same - like big green mushrooms.

Last week I decided it was finally the right time to give this tree its initial styling. Over the years I repoted it already in a smaller training pot, selected some unneeded branches to let light deeper into the crown and to let the spruce backbud much. So this was the tree I had to work with at this time.

After a few hours of wiring and even more thining and cutting, this is the result. At this time I was only concerned with initial styling, details will be on my mind at the next wiring in one or two years from now. Also I belive some more branches will have to be removed in the next stage, but I rather left more then I needed to allow the tree to regenerate better.

Here is another photo for better size-comparison.

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