Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Forgoten project

I would like to introduce you to a project which started in 2009 when I found this mugo. At first I did not think much of it and took it just because I didn't find anything else.

Because I never took any time to think what to do with it I lent it to Hans van Meer for a demonstration when he was in Slovenia.

Final look after the demo with some extra branches for insurence.


After that the tree was resting for another two years. In that time the apex branch died. Good thing I told Hans to leave a few extra branches.
Anyway, this weekend I decided to unwire the tree despite the fact that the wire was not yet bitting into the branches.
As I was taking more attantion to the tree I liked it more and more, so I decided to style it again.


Therefore me and Joze got together to get the job done.

We made an interesting semi-literati pine. It will be repotted next spring.
There is also a possibility to remove the lowest branch and make al literati.

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