Saturday, May 19, 2012

EBA 2012, Ljubljana - New talent contest

I have to finish the last chapter of this years' EBA in Slovenia. The New talent contest. It happened on Saturday morning. I think most of us will remember it by the unexpected, unreasonable decisions on the final top 3 trees.

Roland Petek represented Slovenia. I really liked his tree, but it didn't get to the top.

Roland's finidhed tree.

 And this, belive it or not, is the winning tree. Monaco.

Second - Austria.

Third - Belgium.

By most people that I asked, this was the favorit and best tree. Also by me. It didn't make it to top 3...

And here are some details from the winning tree. No other words needed I think...

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bonsai eejit said...

Mmmm... I tend to agree with your choice of winner, a well styled tree. New Talent is an interesting concept, but as is usual with judging, open to criticism. Thanks for sharing these.