Sunday, December 18, 2011

NTC juniper

Yesterday I took the time to take care of my juniper which I styled at Vienna for the EBA New talent contest in 2008. The juniper was in these few years a bit neglected and was in need of a second styling. The material itself doesn't promise much, so I decided to meke something special out of it and give it some interest.
The new shape of the crown isn't much different from the original one, but the whole design is quite different. If nothing else this tree has some emotional and memmorial value for me.

In Vienna before the styling.

The finished work for the NTC.

The juniper a few days before the second styling.

The finished product.


Nitsuj said...

Great Job! excellent work!

Tóth-Szabó Balázs said...

Very nice work.It's good to see the evolution of this Juniper.
I'm a little bit confused with the first branch. When you take the japanese bonsai rules, you can't leave a branch from negative curves. But when you cut this branch, it's faild from the whole composition. I'm curious about your opinion.
The slab is very good for this tree! Congratulation!
Greating from Budapest, Hungary!

Nik Rozman said...

I like japanese bonsai and try to make them look as japanese as possible (at least most of the time). But I use the traditional japanese rules only as guidelines and do not follow them literally. And so somehow I make my own bonsai style.


Nik Rozman said...

Overall I don't care if the branch grows from the inner side of the branch. :-)

Tóth-Szabó Balázs said...

It wasn't any critic, just interesting about it. I don't think that we have to keep every rules. ;-)

Nik Rozman said...

Don't worry, I didn't take it as a critic but as a normal quastion. And that was my opinion.

Regards, Nik

dany said...

very nice tree