Thursday, November 17, 2011

Burrs - the trees I've worked on

I hope you didn't think I was just hanging around doing nothing those two days. On Saturday Tony brought be a pine of his. The tree became quite international. It was dug up in Czech by Pavel who gave it to Mirek who gave it to Tony. And then Toni gave it to me to work on. Anyhow... The pine turned out to be a challange. It had a bad base/nebari, inverse tapper and the best part of the trunk was dead already.
After a few moments of thinking what to do I decided to make a quick sketch of the future design and begun to work.

This is the finished tree. Not much far of the original design, huh?

The second day I worked on a yew, which I brought home in the end in my suitcase.

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Nitsuj said...

WOW, great job on the pine!