Sunday, October 25, 2009

Exhibition in Croatia

This weekend, the 24. and 25. October, our delegation (my family included) visited the South naber country, Croatia for the exhibition.
After two years since I was there the last time they made quite some progression on the exhibition quallity. They even brought in a world renown bonsai artist Mauro Stemberger, the president of the Italian UBI.
It was a nice weekend with old and new friends.

The place of the happening.

Mauro in action.

A part of the Slovenian delegation.

A nice peace of material.

Again there was quite a lot of blood.

Left: Peter Evans, who flew all the way from England, just for the exhibit.

Ofcorse we didn't manage witouth relaxation.

A Slovenian bonsai (right).

My azalea.

Some other bonsai.

And for the finish, the olive from Mauro.

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