Monday, July 20, 2009

Special technicque on my azalea

I had spend a lot of time thinking hoh to grow a side branche on a main branch on my azalea
I came up with a nice special technicque.

First I removed all the leves from the chosen little branch.
And masured its thickness.
Then I drilled a hole into the main branch.
And after that I guess you know how it goes.
A bit of cut paste.
And some wire for suport.
I hope it will grow nicely. We'll see next year.


Nitsuj said...

Cool...i have seen this technique before but your pictures have WAY more quality thanks a lot Nik.

Nitsuj said...

How long do you have to wait to be sure this technique works??

Rozman Nik said...

I'm not pretty sure. I will wait till next spring when I remove the cut paste and see if it's grown together.

Anonymous said...

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