Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Azalea rearranged

Azalea thinned and rewired.


Nitsuj said...

Hi nik my name is justin i am an american that live's in BRAZIL(Brasil) you look young but you also look like a master with bonsai...i love your work...if you ever feel like posting a topic that can ''teach'' some special are like Deadwood carving or even ramification...i would be very grateful.

Rozman Nik said...

Hi Justin!
Thank's you apreciate my work.

No problem with the technicques. Just keep following my blog. ;-)

Regards, Nik

Rozman Nik said...

''you look young but you also look like a master with bonsai...''

Well to a reall master I'm still a beginner.

Nitsuj said...

I will...thanks

Nitsuj said...

Hey Nik...Do you only buy your bonsai pot's or have you atempted make some (or one)??? if you have made one how did you make it? thanks alot keep updating thanks..

Rozman Nik said...

So far I didn't tried to make a bonsai pot.
Maby in the future.