Monday, April 6, 2009

Big group planting

After two years of prepearing the thuja smaragd (on the start the trees looked like this), I decided it is time to make the group planting.

The plate for the planting.

The trees for the planting.

Drilling the holes in the plate.

I put together a special mix of soil that I used on the edge.

First layer - liapor (burned clay)

Making the trees reddy.

Let it begin...

I cowered all the surface with peat so the moss will grow nicer.

Sticking the moss on the surface.

Finished. I just have to adjust the crown a bit.

The sun did it's job too ... (we had 22°C !!!)


John said...

Nice Work Nic!

Bollesz said...

The sun shone strongly on the weekend. Nice was the forest. What is the tray sat?

Matija Triglav said...

oj!! kj si dobil takšno ploščo???

lp tijek

Rozman Nik said...

Tijek, ploščo sem dobil od Boninija.

Nitsuj said...

Hi Nik merry christmas and happy new years. .. when I have a flat ''pot'' what must I do to keep the soil and stuf on the pot (firmly) the tree I know you can always wire to the flat but soil?

Nik Rozman said...

Like you can see on the photos above, I used a mix of keto-tsuchi (very sticky mud-like soil that you can get in any bigger bonsai shop), sphagnum moss and akadama dust. I used the mix for the ''rim''. But after that I think it's best to plant some moss on top or at least roud the rim to hold everything together.


Nitsuj said...

COOl I am excited to try out making and using my flat bonsai ''pot'' Thanks a lot Nik